A Little About Me...

Who am I?

Hi there! My name is Eduardo Quirós, and I'm a software engineering student from Costa Rica. Currently working on getting a Bachelor's Degree in said field.

I have a monumental appreciation for efficient, minimalist, and well designed tools. This cascades into a great interest in topics such as the UNIX philosophy, the Linux kernel, the various BSD projects, and cybersecurity in general.

How did I get here?

Ever since I was young, I've always been fascinated by the thought of learning the internal mechanics, rules and constructs that govern our universe. This slowly transformed, thanks to the introduction of computers into my daily life, into a very deep interest in what made these mesmerizing machines work. Granted, it was a rather complex topic for a child to comprehend at that age; but the ball was rolling in my mind.

As the years passed, I became interested in (and developed a proficiency for) classes such as Maths and the Computer Lab. As such, my first ever experience with programming was with the help of MicroWorlds. This was a small but educationally effective program aimed at teaching kids some very basic programming principles. But, above all, it was fun.

When I entered Third Grade, my grandmother came up with the idea of enlisting me in some programming courses. These were mainly oriented towards building robots using Legos and some building kits (Although I did attend a class about making videogames using Scratch.) These courses did a fantastic job at keeping me interested and surrounded me with the resources needed to keep learning about the field.

Sadly, my involvement in this world screeched to a halt when I turned 14, I just lost interest in it, probably because I was burnt out by the overwhelming amount of information I had to take in at the time. That said, my initial fascination with discovering how things work "behind the scenes" never dwindled, I merely channeled it towards other fields such as Biology or Chemistry.

Thus, I went onto university at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology and, given my interest in the natural sciences, enrolled in Environmental Engineering. However, as the courses got increasingly oriented towards what the professional life of an environmental engineer would be like, I noticed that such a field simply wasn't for me.

Thankfully, that major had (for reasons still unknown to me) a programming fundamentals course as part of its curriculum. It was a pretty basic course that walked me through building some simple programs in Python, but that was definitely enough to reignite the flames that got me into computers in the first place. This soon led to a career change and me relocating to Cenfotec University, where I'm now working on becoming a software engineer.